What format are the digital patterns supplied as?

The patterns are created as PDFโ€™s. These can be opened with several different applications and can either be used digitally or printed off.

What is included in the pattern?

Every pattern contains:

A cover page with information on fabric sizing, number of stitches width and height, any speciality information needed for the pattern and an idea of what the pattern looks like stitched.

The pattern (either in black and white or colour depending on your choice of download).

A key - guide to the pattern colours, symbols, the DMC numbers for the pattern, information of any knots that are in the pattern, how many strands of floss need to be used, a guide to any beads used and their colour, a guide to how much of an 8m skein you will need to use, and how many stitches of each colour there are.

If the pattern is cross stitch a backstitch guide if there is backstitch within the pattern, indicating colours and how much of a skein is needed.

Pattern Tracking Software

My cross stitch patterns are compatible with Pattern Keeper. My blackwork charts are not supported by Pattern Keeper as they have no functionality for back stitch. When stitching I use Markup R-XP, any PDF editor should allow you to track your progress,

Can I share my digital pattern with other people?

No. Although you have bought the pattern, the license is for your personal use. You may stitch it as many times as you wish for your own use, but you cannot sell the pattern and you cannot make money from stitching it without prior consent from me before hand.

Can I sell my stitched patterns?

My patterns are not designed to be mass produced and sold. However if you would like to sell your stitch of my pattern, or if you would like to use it to raise money for a charity, pleasecontact mefor permission.

How do I convert the pattern to a different count size?

Aida is available in many different counts (sizes). The most popular are 11, 14, 18 and 28. The lower the number the less squares there are per inch therefore the larger the crosses of your stitch work. 14 count means 14 squares per inch, 28 means 28 squares per inch, therefore each cross will be smaller on 28 count than on 14 count.

To resize this pattern to a different sized aida take the pattern size and divide it by aida count.


100(stitches)/18(count)=5.5ย inches

Do not forget to add on extra fabric allowance for mounting. I would suggest adding at least 3 inches per side, which would be an extra 6 inches of aida horizontally and vertically.

5.5(inches)+6(inches)=11.5ย inches

To convert from inches to centimetres you will need to times your inches by 2.54 (11.5ร—2.54=29.2cm).

What brands of floss can I use?

I give the details for DMC. This is included within the patterns, however you can use any floss types you want. There is also no need to stick to the suggested colours, itโ€™s your choice! I love to see my patterns in the wild with different colour combinations!

Can I add a photo of my stitch to your site?

After purchasing your pattern you should receive an email after a week with a link asking you to review your purchase. You can also add in images of your work at this time.

You can also tag me on social media and I am happy to repost, link to you, or add your stitches to the customer gallery.

Are you on social media?

I am! I have my social media links at the bottom of every web page!

Do you do commissions?

I produce custom blackwork commissions where I convert a photo you supply. You can find further information here.

Do you sell kits?

We are in the process of creating kits for sale

Are you American?

Iโ€™m actually British, so you will spot British spelling throughout my website and communications. I do try to make sure that patterns cater for both British English and American English. If you spot a pattern and you canโ€™t see the spelling equivalent, please contact me and I will make it available for you!

Ok, what's with the squirrels?

squirrels are cheap to employ. All of the squirrels work hard, however there are a few of the team members who have been working especially hard recently. To view our Employees of The Month (and our previous employees) please view the employee section here.