We all have photos that we love and that mean something special to us. From weddings to pets; that cute photo that caught your good side; that holiday you took with friends or family (the one where you backpacked across Europe); or the first time your mother held her first grandchild.

    These special photos mean the world to us. 

    Now you can have your images converted into a high quality blackwork embroidery that is truly unique to you!

    This is a special gift to your family, your best friend or yourself that you cannot get anywhere else.

  • The hardest part is deciding which images to submit!

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Once you have chosen your image, we will create your unique pattern from it. We have an expanding range of motifs that produce different effects from traditional flowers to pencil sketch.

The patterns can range in size, depending upon how much detail you wish to capture. The more detailed the design you want, the larger the final stitch will need to be.

Some patterns can be produced in black and greys (we use true greys for the best possible matching). We can also add additional depth by switching between single and double strands within the design. These options will be discussed in the design (proof) stage and are not mandatory. All patterns contain only full stitches (as opposed to fractional stitches) unless agreed at the proof stage.

  • Step 1

    You will need to purchase Personalised Blackwork from the shop.

    You will be contacted via email and will be asked to submit your image. You will be asked what the maximum pattern width/height size in stitches is (we default to 150 or 200 depending upon the quality of the final pattern). You will also be asked if you DO NOT want greys or double stranded stitches added. We default to using them only if it dramatically improves the quality of the final pattern.

  • Step 2

    The turn around time between submitting your image to us sending you your digital proof is up to 14 days. At this point you will be able to request amendments, highlighting certain parts of the image or removing some of the background. You can request that the pattern size in increased or decreased. Increasing the size will make the final stitch more detailed. Large changes may impact the turn around time for your final proof.

    If your image is unsuitable for creating a pattern from, we will let you know and you can either submit a different  image or you will receive a full refund.

  • Step 3

    From agreeing on the proof to receiving the final PDF with your pattern will take up to 14 additional days. The PDF will be emailed to you on the email address you have supplied.

    There is no physical item, this is a digital item only.

    The patterns are for personal use and not for resale.

  • What makes a good photo

    The best images are submitted in colour. This allows us to see where the natural highlights are within the photo. 


    There needs to be tonal differences within the main subject of the photo. For example in this case the main subject is the cat and not the background. We can work with both black or white animals. If you cannot see much detail of the fur baby within the photo supplied, we are unable to create this within the blackwork pattern for you. Photos with lots of contrast on the main subject are the best type to submit.

  • If a photograph has lots of small details within it, these can be lost when we create your pattern.


    So, are you ready to start something new?